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Our Staff

Jim Jager, Vice President of Research Operations

Lead on project team and moderator. With almost 30 years’ industry experience with more than 10,000 completed research projects.

Chris Martin, Research Director

With more than 25 years’ experience in marketing research, Chris understands the importance of managing all the details associated with a project. From initial inquiry to final billing, Chris helps clients move through the research process without having to worry about a thing.

Andrea Guin, Programming and Data Manager

Andrea has served New South clients for 20+ years. She manages online projects, programming surveys, the data processing and the completion of data files.

Cindy Bell, Director of Data Collection

With more than 25 years’ experience and 10+ in marketing research, Cindy brings a strong management expertise to assure data collection projects and Call Center operations are correct, on time and on budget.

Russell Richey, Director of Research

Russell is a one-career researcher with 30+ years of experience planning, executing, analyzing, and reporting custom qualitative and quantitative research for a wide range of B2B & B2C companies, brands, and industry verticals. Russell is a RIVA-trained, professional moderator who has conducted over 3000 focus groups and IDI sessions.

Jennifer Sigwart, Research Analyst

Jennifer has 10+ years of experience working in conversational analytics. She has worked with B2C and B2B clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to academic institutions, to develop detailed marketing strategy based on collected online consumer data.

Trent Daniel, Research Analyst

Trent has nearly 25 years of experience in each stage of market research and analysis, from planning to surveying, analyzing, and reporting the findings. He specializes in providing key insights to clients through mining both quantitative and qualitative data for the key story the data is telling, then presenting the story in a clear and concise presentation.

Nakesha Matthews, Call Center Supervisor

Nakesha has been with EBI for over 15 years and is engaged as a Call Center Supervisor.  Her depth of experience aids in successfully completing both qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Ashley Lambson, Research Analyst

BS in Psychology, Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Ashley analyses and reports data in both quantitative and qualitative market research.

Dr. Susanna Warnock, Strategic Analyst

10+ years’ experience with qualitative and quantitative research, PHD in statistics, analytical, insightful, creative reporting.