Online Surveys

What better way to get quick feedback on your advertising, product concepts or company’s corporate image than taking advantage of the 210 million internet users in America?

The Benefit of Online Surveys

Online surveys are much like telephone surveys with the added benefit of having real-time results available and having the opportunity to show print, audio and video clips in the survey. In fact, online surveys are often the best methodology to use for:

  • Tracking Studies
  • Ad Tests – print, radio, television and internet
  • Product Concept Evaluations
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction

Additionally, online surveys are often the most cost efficient for large studies because the bulk of the cost is in the initial programming and launching of the study.

Choosing the right market research partner!

Sure there are plenty of online research options.  But New South Research gives you unequalled expertise and has established an excellent reputation for the unbiased accuracy of our results.  The almost instantaneous results of online surveys are useless if the data is biased or full of “speeders and cheaters.” Online surveys are susceptible to respondents who are over-surveyed and who speed through the questions without thinking or reading the material. New South is committed to reducing “speeders and cheaters” in our surveys and we constantly adapt our surveys to create “speed traps” that eliminate these users. Some of the quality control processes we use include:

  • Partnering with multiple well-established panels that routinely monitor their members
  • Limit the number of studies in which a respondent can participate
  • Eliminate past participants for tracking studies
  • “Speed Bumps” throughout a survey to ensure the questions are read
  • Inspect data for “Straightliners”
  • Scrutinize the results for logical consistency
  • Eliminate those who complete the survey at an unreasonable speed


New South works with you as much, or as little, as you would like in designing and implementing an online survey. From the initial development of your research goals, determining the best sample, designing the questionnaire, programming and hosting a survey, inviting participants, monitoring responses and reporting the findings, NSR handles all the details to ensure that you reach your research goals.

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